Shady Side Nightlife

Shadyside is a gorgeous community located in the city of Pittsburgh. This neighbourhood has received national acclaim for being a great place to live by the popular magazine "Niche", so you know that this is a fantastic area to check out. Home to many upscale stores and boutiques, you'll find that small business isn't lacking here. There are opportunities all around for shopping, dining, and overall fun. Given it's location near to downtown Pittsburgh, you'll find that this quaint city has the best of city and residential life.

One part of Shady Side that's waiting to be discovered is its nightlife! That's right, this community is picturesque and quaint by day, and bustling and lively when the night falls! There are fantastic options that include bar and grills, sports bars, karaoke bars, martini bars, nightclubs, dance clubs, and much more. With such a bustling nightlife scene, you can be sure that there's a bar out there that's perfect for you and your friends. You might think it's hard to come up with an itinerary of bars to visit, that is, until now...

One of the most tiring parts of a bar hopping experience in Pittsburgh is the fact that there are so many different places waiting to be explored, making it hard to choose one to go to! However, with this convenient online guide to nightlife in Shady Side, you'll be able to choose places to drink and dance, knowing that they're top choices by both locals and visitors. The bars, nightclubs, and grills found here go beyond the usual standards of quality and offer you an experience that's sure to resonate in your mind for years to come. Check out these bars, and have a great time!